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create me – schlicht und einfach gut

neil diamond liebt es am ende einfach. simple arrangements von rick rubin und neil´s mut zur schlichtheit öffnen die tür zu einer neuen musikalischen ästhetik. schon johnny cash und donovan haben es getan. (neil diamond, 12 songs, 2005)

Create me

Days break,nights fall
And I wait alone
I sleep behind a wall
My silent call unknown
Create me
Create me

Take me in your hands and shape me
Wake me from this sleep to then begin again
To live again
Create me
Create me
Create me

Days break, nights fall
Each one the same
I wait behind a wall
To hear you call my name
Create me
Create me

Breathe your life into my soul
And know the greatest story told
Is you and I
and how we tried
And how we won
and what You’ve done
Creating me

How many seasons have we endured?
How many fields yet to plow?
Know that my destiny is tied to yours
Just need to trust me; our destiny is now
Create me

Lift me up and give a meaning
To a dream that I’ve been dreaming, endlessly
It comforts me
to see you there
There you are; we’ve come so far

Days break,nights fall
I dream alone.